April 18, 2022

Felt is a type of fabric that is produced by rolling and pressing the pure lamb wool. It is usually made of wool because wool can be matted easily. Wool felt products are created exclusively from 100% pure lamb wool and they are non- allergic, non-toxic and azo-free. Felt products are also eco friendly. Various types of felt products like home decors, accessories, toys etc. are available in market and are being popular day by day.

Why felt products are good?

Inexpensive: People think felt product is expensive but generally it is not too expensive. Only some of the products that require intensive crafting and sewing are expensive. Most of the items are easily affordable and cheaper than other similar products (made from other materials).

Versatile: Since it’s a fabric, producers can use it in many ways. Some of thick types of felt are water-resistant, which makes them a good choice for bags, slippers, hats, shoes & they are easy and comfy. So, felt is very versatile. Sometimes, the same products can also be used for decoration, designs for accessories, toys and many more.

Easily available: Felt products are popular and are easily available. You can order felt products through online or from company pages, or get in nearby retail stores.

Do not fray: Felt products won’t be frayed easily. It is also a fantastic material for making soft toys and decorations & for those people learning to sew for the first time.

Soft and warm: Since felt is wool, felt products are soft and warm. They keep your house warm and comfortable. Due to these qualities, they are widely loved by kids and pets. 

Attractive: Felt products are widely used as home décor items due to its aesthetic appeal. They create a real difference in any interior design and festival decoration. 

In summarization, felt products do not tear and wear out like other fabrics & they are inexpensive. Felt products are eco-friendly as they are made of organic material. And most importantly, though they are wool products, they are strong and don’t shed, which means your house will be clean.  

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